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The Gardens at Pecan Lake Wedding Center is owned and operated by the McCleve family within the shadows of a 60 year old established 250 acre  pecan tree orchard. The grandfather tree (largest in the grove) is the site for lush, shade-filled “I DO” celebrations. 

Flowing nearby is Pecan lake adding the cool refreshing and peaceful tranquility that only this magical location possesses..


Our garden is an ever-changing canvas. Each month brings new colors and textures that will delight both you and your photographer! 

We invite you to come listen to the waterfall as it spills into our lovely reflection pond. You will treasure those extraordinary moments captured in your photographs. 


Our family takes great pride in preserving the rich history of our property. Every dollar goes back into the restoration efforts of our gardens and facilities and to expand our amenities so that each year is better and more beautiful than the year before. 

Call us today at 480.892.8756 or email us via our contact page

and book a tour of The Gardens Wedding Center for your wedding ceremony reception, meeting, reunion, gathering or any other event where this awe-inspiring setting is beauty amplified.

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